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Both Dead Girls EPs now on I-Tunes

Hey readers and rockers out there! The two Dead Girls releases of 2009 thus far–“The Hair Trigger EP” and the “Te Quiero” EP–are now available for purchase on I-Tunes for under $6 each! For all of you DG lovers out … Continue reading

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The Dead Girls podcast, interview on Lawrence.com

Full text/podcast with tracks from the Hair Trigger EP here. If there is a God, he/she must not be a fan of power pop. Otherwise, Dead Girls Ruin Everything wouldn’t have lost half a record to a careless intern with … Continue reading

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So, I Guess This Makes Me A Hipster…

Animal Collective releasing an incredibly radio-friendly record, which boasts at least a few dance-rock numbers, is almost like Kiss going Disco with their 1979 release, Dynasty. Continue reading

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