Fade In/Fade Out is in the mixing stage!

Chris Cosgrove, the highly talented local producer, is currently in the stage of doing the preliminary mixes of Fade In/Fade Out, the Dead Girls’ 6th release and 3rd full-length album. The whole band

is extremely excited to release the new material, including many songs never heard before live. Don’t expect to hear the same ol’ Dead Girls album you have become accustomed to. There are some definite chances being taken on this record and we think you, as the listener, will approve of the changes. Click on continue reading to hear about the process of recording Fade In/Fade Out. Continue reading

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Cameron’s MidCoast Breakdown: The Midwest Has Some Treats To Offer SXSW 2012

Schedule for MidCoast Takeover at SXSW, 2012

Hey there, rockers!! I really can’t stress just how excited The Dead Girls are to be a part of MidCoast Takeover this year. This showcase has become the premiere non-official SXSW event for Midwest bands, so tight that even a score of national bands clamor to be added each year. I’m not totally sure how this year’s lineup stacks up to those of past years, but 2012’s collection of KC area and national bands would be enough to make me want to hitchhike down to Austin if my band wasn’t already playing homemade inflatable tent. Twenty-six KC bands have been chosen to represent this year, and while that is quite a lot, I have no doubt in my mind they are all great choices. I haven’t heard them all, but I look forward to finally hearing some bands that people have been buzzing on for awhile, like We Are Voices, The Empty Spaces, Maps for Travelers, and so many more. For the sake of getting down to the nitty gritty of just how awesome this MCT lineup is, though, I’m going to do a breakdown of some of the bands I have already come to know and love, and the bands with whom I am most excited about causing a good old-fashioned Austin ruckus. Continue reading

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The Dead Girls at the Bloody Valentine Ball!

We are playing the Bloody Valentine Ball on Tuesday February 14th at Record Bar in Westport! This shindig will get started at 9pm on Valentines Day with a screening of Season 2 of the zombie web series Dead Wait, followed by performances by The Dead Girls and Last Night’s Regret. There

will be contests, door prizes, dancing, and more–zombie attire encouraged


by not required! Doors open at 9pm, Screening starts at 9:30p, Rock begins at 10pOppblåsbare leker

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Tickets $5 in advance on the Record Bar website (www.therecordbar.com), $7 at the door and all proceeds go toward making a Dead Wait feature film!!

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Lemonheads & Dead Girls reunite at the Granada!

This Friday, January 27th,

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you will not want to miss this show! The Dead Girls will be opening up

for the Lemonheads at the Granada in good ol’ Larryville, KS. Already excited? Well, get this, the Lemonheads will be performing, in entirety, their best full-length album “It’s A Shame About Ray”. YES!!! Get your tix right away through the Granada linkabominable snowman inflatable above and make it out for this power-poptacular strawberry bacon jam. If you don’t already know about the Lemonheads, check them out! You won’t regret it! You can youtube the hell out of ’em or just check out this badass interview with Dando, the lead singer, in the Pitch.

You've been Dando'd!

Some of you might be wondering, “Hey haven’t you played with these dudes before?” You would be correct, wise man…but not with this record and not with this band. In fact, the last time the Dead Girls played with Evan Dando, we were the Lemonheads. In the most improptu clusterf#ck fashion, Evan spastically agreed to a few songs, we learned them in the living room of our friend’s house, and played them that night at the Starlight. It was amazing, and amazingly awkward with Dando’s incessant nervous ticks and bizarro behavior. He borrowed my axe, strummed a few ditties and then disappeared in the shadows. Last thing I remember is waking up with a silver bullet hangover and a missing guitar tuner… …at least he left the guitar.

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Let’s Go Eat the Factory: Robert Pollard Fading as GBV Captain

Guided by Voices Inc 2012

If there is one person I can say I have loved, hated, been obsessed with, been completely frustrated with, wished I had never heard of or wished I could be all at the same time, that person would be Robert Pollard. My feelings about the aged Guided By Voices songwriting captain (or Fading Captain, as he has come to be known) have undergone more of a rigorous emotional rollercoaster than any I have had about any songwriter – maybe even any girl. Yes, I am that gay for GBV.inflatable bouncers Seriously, though – what other reaction is to be expected from such an inconsistent catalog of music? Those initial GBV albums that changed my life forever – starting with Bee Thousand through Under the Bushes, Under the Stars – set such a high bar for rock music back in the mid-nineties, even with all their garage-y, lo-fi anomalies. Something about the quality of that music, even when presented as shitty recordings, was undeniable. And with 85%-90% of the songwriting being credited to Pollard on those records, it would be easy for anyone to think that he was the backbone of this era of GBV. Continue reading

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Manhattan KS Will Rue the Day They Ever Produced Us!

“One part Kiss riffs, one part pop, one part shotgunned beer and one part sing-along, The Dead Girls are a good time rock and roll band harkening back to the glory days of the Aggieville music scene. If you’re in a good mood, The Dead Girls will make it brighter Birmingham, if you’re not, they might make your mood better.”

This is Your Brain on Hogs, The Hype Weekly The above quote, from Manhattan, KS’s newest and coolest culture rag/site The Hype Weekly is one reason to go to Thursday’s Auntie Mae’s show. Reason #2? THE NEW 7″ RECORDS ARE HERE! That’s right. The new 7″ single “She Laughed A Little/It’s All Happening” (featuring Justin Pierre and J.D. Warnock) will be at the show. The records look amazing and

each vinyl comes with a mp3 download card! See you tomorrow night.

The Dead Girls – early show!

12/29/2011 – 9pm

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2 Dead Girls Holiday Rock Shows!

Hey all you rock fans. It’s that

Christmas time again where you get to spend some quality time with the fam…which always means finding some time to escape to the bar for a few hours. Why not spend that time with us? We have 2 awesome shows coming up and then we will call it good for 2011. First, come

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check us out at the Riot Room in Kansas City on Thursday, December 22. We will be supporting Kansas City ancestors, Moaning Lisa, in their record release. Then, for all you old school Manhattan-ites. Come celebrate the end of 2011 with us at Auntie Mae’s on Thursday, December 29th. If you’ve never seen the Dead Girls at Mae’s, then you’ve really drank east inflatables blog. So turn on your heart lights for the holidays and let the Dead Girls keep ’em lit through the end of the year. Lots of new excitement coming in 2012, like a new record,commercial jumping castles for sale australia so stay tuned. On your way out, enjoy one of the best Christmas songs by the band, Low. http://youtu.be/IippcraBPKA

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New MP3s Delivered to Kickstarter Supporters!

Well, we thought we were going to get this new 7″ and all the cool extra bonus things (mp3 bonus tracks, autographed poster, etc.) out the door by the end of last month, but there was a delay at the pressing plant.Dora Diego

Now its looking like the new 7″ single “She Laughed A Little/It’s All Happening” (featuring Justin Pierre and J.D. Warnock) will ship sometime at the end of December….ARGH!

To make up for this delay, Rocket Heart Records has emailed out the mp3s of the two songs on the vinyl single and (for those of you who ordered them) also the two bonus non-vinyl exclusive mp3s “Standby” and “Watchful Eye.”

Let us know if you got them and what you think Free Shipping!

VINYL SOON, we promise!!!!!!!

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Record Bar this Saturday will be WILD!

There is a bright and sexy future for Kansas City this weekend because Chicago’s The Flavor Savers are flying their giant

futuristic spaceship full of hot beats and electric moves into town to restore sexiness to our people. Saturday night May 14 The Dead Girls are playing with Romeo DanceCheetah, Rodney Bel-Aire, Bronco Festiva, and Luke Hotcicle, better known as Bonnaroo faves The Flavor Savers. The band is an Illa-noise, sex-beat, electro-rap, man-coterie from another dimension. Their electronic beats, live instrumentation, synchronized dance moves, and sexy banter leave every audience they’ve rocked hot, wet, and dying for more United States.

This show, at Westport’s The Record Bar, is the official CD release and birthday party for KC’s own Patrick Lentz. And as if this eclectic offering weren’t enough, St. Louis hip-hop legends The Illphonics will be opening the show. Hott!! This promises to be a very different show for us, and we hope you’ll come out. Make sure and get there early, cuz we are on second.

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Dead Girls Do Air

[originally published on Record Geek Heaven“]

All four Dead Girls will be competing in this year's championship being held in KC May 19.

For those of you who do not know,

I play in a band called The Dead Girls from Lawrence, KS, and we appreciate good rock and roll. That’s the music we want to make, plain and simple. Sure, we have our little hoo-ha’s here, and our whats-its there, but all in all, to make a good and steamy rock product is what we try to do. And I would be remiss if I didn’t say that our drummer Eric Melin – or Mean Melin to the Air Guitar Nation – is our golden chariot to the promised land in that respect. Not only is Melin one of the best, most solid drummers on the planet, but he is brimming with the knowledge and passion of glorious, lick-drenched guitar rock. Present since a very early age, it has allowed him to develop his own art of Air Guitar (see his instructional video) and to effectively spread his love of it to others.

Photo by Emily Henson

Thanks to his contributions of Aireoke and his championing of the Air guitar Nation to his local followers and peers – not to mention two consecutive appearances at the National Air Guitar Championships – Mean Melin has become a world-renown air guitar hero. In the world of the Dead Girls, Melin is still the drummer – but he has also begun to merge his double life into one brand new organic ball of awesomeness by integrating the Dead Girls with the bourgeoning world of Air Guitar. The Dead Girls’ first experiment of this merging has already been blogged about on usairguitar.com – an Air Guitar video collage set to our song “Hair Trigger”, from our new album Out of Earshot out on Rocket Heart Records. It features the four Dead Girls in our much sought-after Air Guitar personas – Eric as Mean Melin, JoJo as Das Auto Bomb, Nick as Peter Stiffdickens, and me, Cameron, as Pork Sword. The footage was taken from an Air Guitar competition last February in Topeka, KS. None of

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us won that night, but Das Auto Bomb placed second. Who would win in your competition? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvAz1L0nfFw

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