Buy a t-shirt to help AiR Jesus win the US AiR Guitar Championship in Portland!

As co-champion of the Midwest Conference Air Guitar Championship I have earned a spot to compete in the US Air Guitar National Championship in Portland, OR where the champion will fly to Finland to represent the USA in the 20th Anniversary World Air Guitar Championship! Many of you know that I have taught air guitar to hundreds of elementary school students, and spoken about its impact to educators across the country, but never have I had the opportunity to compete on the national stage – only 20 out of hundreds across the country get the chance. On August 8th I will finally get the opportunity to represent the Kansas City AiR GUiTAR community and I could use your help. Help Air Jesus complete this pilgrimage and spread air love across the nation by contributing $20 and in return receiving this rad Air Jesus t-shirt. The shirts are white with red ink. Contribute 20 dollars to this paypal. Then, email your shirt size and address to and I will mail, or personally deliver, your Air Jesus shirt. As I tell my students before strapping on their air guitars, “It’s cool to be a dork!” Please help me dork out in front of our nation and hopefully represent all American dorks in the great country of Finland. Cheers and thank you!

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  1. Val and Josh Dubois says:

    Just paid! Send us a large please! Sweet logo…keep up the good work, holy man.

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