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Never Erased is indicative of the new approach we took when recording Fade In/Fade Out. While

recording our last record Out of Earshot Hawks and I would always record two versions of our guitar parts so that we could pan each one to its own speaker meaning no matter which speaker you were listening to you could hear all the guitar parts and harmonieswater slides. Our vocals could then be built from the center, coming straight at you and harmonies could be layered around the driving melody of each line. The result was a full-sounding record. The recording of Never Erased (download here) was much different. When writing the song Hawks and I worked on creating counter-melodies with our guitars that would work off of each other. During the chorus of Never Erased you can hear me playing the rhythm part in your left ear and Cameron’s response, in a higher tone, coming from your right ear. Each of us having our own speaker –or our own ear for you headphoners– accentuated the call-and-response of the guitar parts. The vocal line screams at you from both speakers coming straight from the middle. The vocal line too is a call immediately followed by the response of two lead guitar parts mimicing the vocal melody in harmony. In order to make-up for any loss of the full sound we had achieved with previous recordings, Eric’s drums have more presence and a warm saturated room sound. Colby, who loves to track last, strings together his own melodies that then fill-in any spaces left open in the array of sound. It all adds up to a sound more reminiscent of our live show. Simpler maybe. But then again, don’t tell that to our producer Chris Cosgrove. He would tell you anything but.

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