New Daytrotter Session is LIVE Today!

As JoJo posted recently, we’re really close to finishing our new full-length record Fade In/Fade Out. But today, you can get a cool sneak preview of four songs from the album over at Daytrotter! We recorded a live 5-track session in June and the whole thing is up now! the-dead-girls-daytrotter-session

  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. The Beast Inside
  3. Never Erased
  4. Girl In Fatigues
  5. Naysayer
  6. Chasing Clouds

From Sean Moeller, head Daytrotter dude and all-around nice guy: “The characters in these songs are handfuls, causing all kinds of drama, losing their shit and just generally freaking out. It doesn’t mean that any of this was a bad idea though. You can tell that these are people who might actually thrive on the unpredictability of good looking babes. Hawk sings, “Whatever it takes, I’ll find a way/To get you to show me the

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shape of your body/It seems it’s all I ever think about these days,” and it could be the root of the problem, but it’s not like it matters all that much. It’s always gonna be hard, ya know? As long as you can spin the troubles of the odd couple into some shredding rock songs, it’s all good.” We hope you dig the four new tunes and our full-band electric version of “Chasing Clouds” from the Te Quiero EP!

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