Fade In/Fade Out is in the mixing stage!

Chris Cosgrove, the highly talented local producer, is currently in the stage of doing the preliminary mixes of Fade In/Fade Out, the Dead Girls’ 6th release and 3rd full-length album. The whole band

is extremely excited to release the new material, including many songs never heard before live. Don’t expect to hear the same ol’ Dead Girls album you have become accustomed to. There are some definite chances being taken on this record and we think you, as the listener, will approve of the changes. Click on continue reading to hear about the process of recording Fade In/Fade Out. There were really 3 stages to the recording of this album. It began as we started to write a lot of the new material about the time we were mixing and about to release Out of Earshot. We were playing a lot of shows to promote OOE and both Hawks and Longbottom (myself) were writing a lot of material as a result. The second stage started when we booked dates with Chris Cosgrove to track drums and so we started hammering out many of the songs live


and in practice sessions, being sure that we had them arranged exactly the way we wanted, but leaving plenty of room for changes and/or extrapolation. Some of the songs we played quite a bit live and some were simply songs that either Hawks or I brought to the table that had personality so we began adding to them in different ways… whether it be adding drums on top of the mix or no drums at all. At this point, we had the majority of drums tracked along with some of the raw basic rhythm tracks and then we focused on playing live shows for a while. I am not sure that any one of us knows exactly what happened in between the second or third stage of Fade In/Fade Out. A sabbatical? For about a year, we just kept playing live shows and making changes to the songs here and there. But honestly, I am glad that it happened and I wouldn’t have it any other way. … … … still on sabbatical… … … About sixth months ago, armed with 3 new tracks and new approaches to the previous 9, we began stage 3. The time off gave us a refreshing point of view. Hawks and I came up with ideas in my studio on Ohio St. and then took ’em to Cosgrove. We tracked almost everything at his studio, but saved some vocals and psychedelic licks for the comforts of home. Of course, at the very end Colby added his bass lines as he likes to do so we “don’t walk over all of his melodies” with vocal harmonies and guitarmonies. So it goes.

Hawks recording Vocals at Cosgrove Audio

Welcome to stage 4 where Fade In/Fade Out is in the hands of Chris Cosgrove. After he puts his stamp on the record, we will collaborate from their for our final mix. Then off to mastering, and finally to the Love Garden and other delightful stores where YOU can get your hands on it. As Tom Petty says, “The waiting is the hardest part!

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