Lemonheads & Dead Girls reunite at the Granada!

This Friday, January 27th,

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you will not want to miss this show! The Dead Girls will be opening up

for the Lemonheads at the Granada in good ol’ Larryville, KS. Already excited? Well, get this, the Lemonheads will be performing, in entirety, their best full-length album “It’s A Shame About Ray”. YES!!! Get your tix right away through the Granada linkabominable snowman inflatable above and make it out for this power-poptacular strawberry bacon jam. If you don’t already know about the Lemonheads, check them out! You won’t regret it! You can youtube the hell out of ’em or just check out this badass interview with Dando, the lead singer, in the Pitch.

You've been Dando'd!

Some of you might be wondering, “Hey haven’t you played with these dudes before?” You would be correct, wise man…but not with this record and not with this band. In fact, the last time the Dead Girls played with Evan Dando, we were the Lemonheads. In the most improptu clusterf#ck fashion, Evan spastically agreed to a few songs, we learned them in the living room of our friend’s house, and played them that night at the Starlight. It was amazing, and amazingly awkward with Dando’s incessant nervous ticks and bizarro behavior. He borrowed my axe, strummed a few ditties and then disappeared in the shadows. Last thing I remember is waking up with a silver bullet hangover and a missing guitar tuner… …at least he left the guitar.

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