Manhattan KS Will Rue the Day They Ever Produced Us!

“One part Kiss riffs, one part pop, one part shotgunned beer and one part sing-along, The Dead Girls are a good time rock and roll band harkening back to the glory days of the Aggieville music scene. If you’re in a good mood, The Dead Girls will make it brighter Birmingham, if you’re not, they might make your mood better.”

This is Your Brain on Hogs, The Hype Weekly The above quote, from Manhattan, KS’s newest and coolest culture rag/site The Hype Weekly is one reason to go to Thursday’s Auntie Mae’s show. Reason #2? THE NEW 7″ RECORDS ARE HERE! That’s right. The new 7″ single “She Laughed A Little/It’s All Happening” (featuring Justin Pierre and J.D. Warnock) will be at the show. The records look amazing and

each vinyl comes with a mp3 download card! See you tomorrow night.

The Dead Girls – early show!

12/29/2011 – 9pm

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One Response to Manhattan KS Will Rue the Day They Ever Produced Us!

  1. Jimbo says:

    Can’t wait to see y’all tomorrow!

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