Record Bar this Saturday will be WILD!

There is a bright and sexy future for Kansas City this weekend because Chicago’s The Flavor Savers are flying their giant

futuristic spaceship full of hot beats and electric moves into town to restore sexiness to our people. Saturday night May 14 The Dead Girls are playing with Romeo DanceCheetah, Rodney Bel-Aire, Bronco Festiva, and Luke Hotcicle, better known as Bonnaroo faves The Flavor Savers. The band is an Illa-noise, sex-beat, electro-rap, man-coterie from another dimension. Their electronic beats, live instrumentation, synchronized dance moves, and sexy banter leave every audience they’ve rocked hot, wet, and dying for more United States.

This show, at Westport’s The Record Bar, is the official CD release and birthday party for KC’s own Patrick Lentz. And as if this eclectic offering weren’t enough, St. Louis hip-hop legends The Illphonics will be opening the show. Hott!! This promises to be a very different show for us, and we hope you’ll come out. Make sure and get there early, cuz we are on second.

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