Aggiefest: Turning Aggieville from Bar Purgatory to Live Music Mecca

Dead Girls rock Triangle Park

The third annual Aggiefest happened in my hometown of Manhattan last weekend, and The Dead Girls were fortunate enough to be able to headline the last night of the festival. Along with us, over 100 bands participated in the event. For the duration of last weekend, Aggieville became a venue powerhouse—live music poured out of almost every bar we passed as we were walking around. The area already has more bars per square mile than any location in America, or something like that. Aggiefest gives Aggieville the opportunity to take advantage of this in the best way possible—by supplying copious amounts of live music and good fun for the community. It truly is a cultural event, and let’s face it folks—in Kansas, we have to hold onto those things with a Kung Fu grip.

I was born and raised in Manhattan, so it’s always an honor to play Aggiefest. I will say though that, as I have been a Lawrencian for the past decade, I was initially really bummed I had to miss Garage Fest that same Saturday (especially since the fucking Clean was part of that lineup). However, all reservations of this sort were put to rest once I got to Aggieville and remembered what a good time it always is to rock out in my hometown. Manhattan supplies an unspoiled, carefree environment for artists and bands, and every time I play music there, I feel kinda rejuvenated. I know the other Dead Girls feel the same way—that’s why we come back there every few months.

The K-State Collegian did an article/video on us and Aggiefest; both are posted below. It was very cool to talk with them and really hash out what makes Aggiefest, and Aggieville in general, so important for the arts community and general vibe of the city of Manhattan. Thanks to them, and thanks to Sisters of Sound Records, Evan Tuttle, Jeff Denny, KSDB, and everyone else who made it all such a great time. If you missed Aggiefest this year, trust me, you gotta make it to the next one.

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For photos and other info, check out Punk Frog Productions.

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