Record Geek Heaven: Ra Ra Riot "The Orchard"

Barsuk 2010

In 2007, this Syracuse band put out one of that year’s most revered records, “The Rhumb Line”. I was an avid listener of that album, but only for a few of its songs—their “hit” “Dying Is Fine”, the anxious lament “Can You Tell”, the fiery opener “Ghost Under Rocks”, and the should-have-been dance hit “Too Too Too Fast”. I could never get myself into the rest of the album. The other songs don’t reach the bar set by these four stellar tunes, and that Kate Bush cover of “Suspended In Gaffa” just reeked of filler.

But, it seems the rest of the world creamed over Ra Ra Riot’s first album, which is fine—more power to a band who at least KIND of knows what they’re doing, I thought. However, I smelled trouble with the sophomore effort, “The Orchard”. Read the rest of this entry >>

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