The 1986 Rock n' Roll Ponzi Scheme!

ponziThis is freaking hilarious. The Austin, TX band 1986 has enlisted Bernie Madoff to help with their rock n’ roll Ponzi scheme. You can download a free copy of the new 1986 record by giving the band three emails of friends who you think may like the record also.

That part is nothing new, but the interactive video on their site is really funny. Go here and keep clicking “I’m not convinced” to see the entire video, especially if you like seeing Wall Street crooks in Demon makeup with hot babes. But wait–there’s more. There’s a rock star cameo and some prehistoric madness at the end as well! The whole thing is wrapped around the Ponzi scheme concept. Brilliant.

We are trying to come up with new ways to promote our upcoming release on Rocket Heart Records, and this is the funniest thing I’ve seen so far. It has a serious potential to go viral, and I’m doing my part right here. Nice going, 1986!

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