The "Out of Earshot" Chronicles: A Summation of The Dead Girls Experience

The Dead Girls have spent about a sixth of our lives recording and preparing “Out of Earshot” for release. So, there’s gotta be some stuff to blog about, right? You bet your ass–we should have been doing it gradually this whole time, actually. But, hindsight works wonders, as we usually learn.

Part 1

After finishing the recording of our second album, which took nearly three years, all of us in The Dead Girls were pretty confident in ourselves. After all, there had been a couple major crises in the recording process—one involving an intern accidentally deleting several nearly-finished recordings—that were so disruptive, it almost seemed like divine intervention. It really felt like some force outside the human realm did not want us to finish “Out of Earshot.” But, we pressed on, because that’s what we’ve done for most of our lives—not just in bands, but in other aspects, too. We’re all pretty stubborn like that.

jackasses jackassing around

jackasses jackassing around

So it was with only the smallest bit of doubt that we decided to put out two EPs and a full-length in 2009—one EP in February, one in May, and the full-length “sometime in the fall”. Doubt only existed because we all know how difficult it is to get a record out. It always takes longer than you think it’s going to take, what with having to deal with pressing companies or record labels and whatnot. With the two EPs, we didn’t have or really need a record label since EPs are cheaper to make, and relatively easy to get in a quick fashion. So with those, our deadlines were met just under the wire.

With the full-length, we knew that it was more important to do it right. This is a collection of songs we have spent so much time on, it seemed counter-intuitive to rush release it, or rush anything about the process. We recorded the entire thing on Pro Tools, but decided to master it to tape to give it a little extra warmth/punch. When Steve Squire finally had it done, we knew why we had waited to do it this way—it sounds freakin’ stellar. It just took a little extra time.

All of these compounded factors left us no other choice but to wait until 2010 to put “Out of Earshot” into stores. We realize it will be nearly four years since our first album, “What a Perfect Ending”, was released. This is why we wanted to give you the EPs and the full-length in one year’s time, because as of the beginning of 2009, it had been so long since we had put out anything. Honestly, we felt bad!

However, I think we are continuing down a very productive path these days. Those three years were not spent doing nothing; it was spent recording the album, as well as a bunch of other songs. We had to do much of it ourselves, but none of it could have happened without the help of our wonderful producer, Chris Cosgrove, who put in countless hours of free time and immeasurable amounts of passion into this project. We have continued recording with him, and have already started tracking several songs for our next release. We also plan on busting out a release of some kind (maybe a 7”) over at the home studio of Matt Mozier (formerly of Truck Stop Love, now of The French Leaves). And he has a 16-track reel-to-reel studio, so at least we don’t have to worry about any files getting deleted.

So, I will take this last opportunity to thank all of our fans for being so patient and surviving from a steady diet of live shows for all these years. We are lucky there are people like you out there who truly understand what it is to ROCK, physically and spiritually—a great big CHEERS to you all!


Buy our first EP release of 2009, “The Hair Trigger EP”

Buy our second EP release of 2009, “Te Quiero”

Buy our debut album, “What a Perfect Ending”

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