Brand new song featuring Justin Pierre from Motion City Soundtrack!

Justin Pierre from Motion City Soundtrack

Justin Pierre from Motion City Soundtrack

Justin Pierre, the singer for our pals Motion City Soundtrack, was in town on Sunday promoting the band’s forthcoming album on Columbia Records. He taped an on-camera movie review with Eric for and spent the middle part of the day in The Dead Girls’ exclusive basement studio.

Why, you may ask?

Why not? We decided to try and write and record a song from the ground up in five hours and that’s exactly what we did.

J.D. Warnock in The Dead Girls' basement studio

J.D. Warnock in The Dead Girls' basement studio

Our good friend J.D. Warnock (The Blackpool Lights, Ultimate Fakebook, The Creature Comforts) also joined us and Lawrence studio whiz Steve Squire engineered this whirlwind recording session.

After arranging a couple of riffs, everybody instinctively worked together assemble the pieces into a song. After one live take, Justin and Cameron wrote some quickie lyrics and recorded vocal parts. Add a little Warnock backup sauce, and we’re good to go. Squire did an amazing job making it NOT sound like it was recorded in a basement, and we were good to go. Since we don’t really know what to do with it, we’ll just out it here for you to listen to for now. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Click the link below: Kickstarter link for 7″ single!

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