Thanks KC: Dead Girls win Pop Pitch Music Award!

photo by Irene Tatay

photo by Irene Tatay

A huge thank you to everybody who voted for us in the 2009 Pitch Music Awards this year.

Sunday night at the Uptown Theater, The Dead Girls took home the award for Best Pop Band in Kansas City area.

It’s so nice to be recognized and even cooler to have a local newspaper like The Pitch that throws a bash to celebrate the local music scene every year! It was great to see all the other nominees, have some drinks, and watch some very cool performances. Congratulations to everybody else who was nominated. Getting treated like a VIP for two hours (free drinks!) and having your own event is pretty damn cool.

photo by Forester Michael, The Pitch

photo by Forester Michael, The Pitch

Ironically, 3/4 of the band performed that night, but not as The Dead Girls. Nick and JoJo were air roadies for Eric “Mean Melin” as our drummer showed his air guitar prowess for a crowd of amused musicians. Considering the way some musicians look at the idea of competitive air guitar (silly, pointless come to mind), it went over really well. Hey, it’s just another extension that shows how much we love rock n’ roll after all.

Thanks again to The Pitch and the fans. We put out 2 CD EPs this year so far, but we’re just getting warmed up. “Out of Earshot,” the full-length LP, is due in a month or two, and we’re playing lots of shows. Check out our MySpace page or Facebook page to keep updated on the live goods.

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