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new DG EP

new DG EP

The Dead Girls
Te Quiero

Lawrence power-pop group The Dead Girls are back at it again with their second of three EPs, Te Quiero. The EP follows up The Hair Trigger, and a third EP will be released in anticipation of the band’s second full-length album, Out of Earshot.

Te Quiero seems to pick up where The Hair Trigger left off, giving the listener an earful of dueling guitars, skillful harmonies and crucial rhythms.

The EP’s leadoff track, titled after the album, stands out as the catchiest and fullest of the six. The guitars of JoJo Longbottom and Cameron Hawk, coupled with their layered vocal harmonies on “Te Quiero,” makes for a powerful first track, which will appear on the forthcoming LP.

“Keep Your Own Score” keeps the vigorous power-pop sound going with an aggressive, driving refrain from drummer Eric Melin and bassist Nick Colby. The remainder of the album slowly decrescendos from the energy of the first few tracks. “You Take the Wrong” takes the band on a descent from heavier, action-packed pop to a cleaner, friendlier, but still commanding sound. The tempo falls further with “Suckered All Your Life,” a lighter offering with subtle guitar harmonics and soft vocals.

The EP’s dynamic shifts bring fluidity and strength to the KC pop scene. Out of Earshot will more than likely yield similar results: vibrant pop tunes mixed with crisp melodies and harmonies. There will be, more than likely, no big surprises. But if it isn’t broke, what’s the point in fixing it?
— michelle o’brien { special to ink }

Find it:
You can find The Dead Girls EP Te Quiero at Keif’s, 823 Massachusetts St., and Love Garden Sounds, 936 1/2 Massachusetts St., in Lawrence, or at shows. Look for the EP on iTunes in coming months.

See them:
Watch them as they join Softee, The Sexy Accident, Audiovox and The Tambourine Club at the Indie Pop Alliance at 7 p.m. Friday at Crosstown Station, 1522 McGee St.

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