Dead Girls Concert Review; live @ the Replay!

live at the Replay

live at the Replay

The Dead Girls pulled off another successful show last night at the Replay with our dear friend Lonnie Fisher and the fantastically dressed Hot Toddies. Abbie Stutzer of the Pitch came out and reviewed it. She had this to say:

“After seeing Cameron Hawk (guitar, vocals), Nick Colby (bass), JoJo Longbottom (guitar, vocals) and Eric Melin (drums) play, I can without a doubt state that they are remarkable musicians. The Girls’ drums and bass rang with metronomic precision, and their guitars and vocals swung with harmonious perfection.”

Read the full review here.

Kind words from the Pitch. She even called Hawks a “bird of prey”, which I found to be hilariously awesome! We want to thank everyone who came out, and if you have not had a chance to hear our new record or new songs, come check us out at the Crosstown Station this Friday night!

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