Dead Girls announcement in KC Star

The new EP, released 5/5/09

The new EP, released 5/5/09

As most of you hopefully know, we’ll be throwing a CD release in Kansas City this Friday (well, tomorrow, actually) May 15th at the Brick. Tim Finn at the Kansas City Star did a sweet little write-up about it–check it out HERE.

This is what he said:


One of our area’s ultimate pop bands is throwing a Kansas City release party for its latest project.

On Friday night, the Dead Girls (who used to be Dead Girls Ruin Everything) will officially present “Te Quiero,” the second six-track EP the band has released this year. The other: “Hair Trigger,” came out in February.

The title track from each EP will appear on the band’s forthcoming full-length, “Out of Earshot,” due later this year. The rest of the EP’s tracks include five demos or studio outtakes, including several home recordings.

The Dead Girls feature former members of the Kansas City/Lawrence pop bands Podstar and Ultimate Fakebook: Nick Colby, Eric Melin, JoJo Longbottom and Cameron Hawk. Their music has its roots in several brands and eras of pop, power-pop and rock. Elvis Costello pops into mind a lot while I’m listening, but there are also elements of the Replacements (“Pleased to Meet Me” and “Don’t Tell a Soul”) and Sugar. And I’m pretty sure they could open for the Foo Fighters and fit in just fine.

Check out all the tracks from the two EPs at Or show up at the Brick, 1727 McGee, on Friday night. Show time is 10-ish. The openers are Tree and Oriole Post. Visit (816-421-1634).

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