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Hello Rockers!

I would like to welcome all of the fans of the Dead Girls and other internet browsers who have found their way to thedeadgirlsproject.com! This is our official kick-off of the website, celebrating the release of The Hair Trigger EP coming out on Feb. 3rd, the Dead Girls’ first release since hacking off their elongated former name. Be sure to pick up your copy of the new EP at records stores in LThe Dead Girls @ Liberty Hall with Motion City Soundtrack!awrence, KS, and rock shows soon to be coming to you!

The Dead Girls Project is an interactive website that lets you become the band. Whether you want to become the next aficionado at home recording or just have some fun experimenting with some different sounds…this is the website for you. Right now, under THE PROJECT tab, you can check a couple of tracks from our full length record, Out of Earshot, to be released at a later date in 2009. These tracks are now yours, so use them in any way you see fit…put ’em in a new mix that’s gonna get the kids dancing, or use them to write your own power pop song! But whatever you decide to do with them, don’t forget to share your new creations with us. Email them to thedeadgirlsproject@gmail.com and we will post them on our site!

Are you a little nervous about recording yourself? No worries. Again, under THE PROJECT tab, check out some video tutorials with the Dead Girls’ record producer, Chris Cosgrove, about the art of masterful home recordings. He will answer difficult questions, such as the best approach to properly compressing a guitar track, among numerous others. Be sure to check back often because we will be constantly adding new tidbits to answer your every need. If for some reason, you still have a question that we have never answered, email your questions to thedeadgirlsproject@gmail.com and we will do our best to help you out.

Beyond the novelties of the project, all of your Dead Girls needs will be met at this website. Check out SHOWS to find out the next time the Dead Girls are playing near you. Also, check out BLOGS to find out what’s going behind the scenes with members JoJo, Cameron, and Eric (Nick doesn’t have a computer). You never know what you’re going to get there.

Well you have found it! The newest, most badass site on the web, thedeadgirlsproject.com. Add it to your bookmarks now…on second thought; don’t just add it…put it on the toolbar because you’re going to want to check back often. What’s left to do after that? Enjoy enlightenment and pick up a copy of the Dead Girls latest release, the Hair Trigger EP!

Peace & Rock!

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