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img_3321_t600Full text/podcast with tracks from the Hair Trigger EP here.

If there is a God, he/she must not be a fan of power pop. Otherwise, Dead Girls Ruin Everything wouldn’t have lost half a record to a careless intern with a trigger-happy delete finger – and very nearly lost their minds in the inflatable shark park

Instead of throwing in the towel and going to Arby’s, the band responded by redoubling its efforts and knocking out 20-plus songs. Change was in the air, and the group was no longer in the mood to “Ruin Everything.” Hence, The Dead Girls kick off 2009 with a new name and a new EP. It’s the start of what figures to be a very busy year, with another EP and a full-length to follow. The band will also be firing up “The Dead Girls Project”—an interactive website wherein fans can remix new material.

Eric Melin, Nick Colby, JoJo Longbottom and Cameron Hawk stopped by to share tracks from The Hair Trigger EP and discuss the fine art of 5-for-$5 economics.

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