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Friday, February 27, 10 PM
The Dead Girls w/ The Sexy Accident, Air Wave the Messenger
The Brick, 1727 McGee, Kansas City, Mo.

Review by Pete Dulin. The title track “Hair Trigger” demonstrates the bravado of Hawk and Longbottom leading on guitar as Melin lays out a hard-pounding rhythm on drums. Within the space of three-and-a-half minutes, the guys mark their territory with well-placed guitar licks and power vocals that push harmony to the forefront.

The Dead Girls – Coming on Strong

The Dead Girls – Deceptive Eyes

“Coming on Strong” is an instant radio hit. Hawk and Longbottom show restraint on guitar, lacing the song with light melody and giving space for their vocals to shine. Melin’s drumming is crisp and propels the song along with the eagerness of a Labrador heading for a lake.

The band cites influences that include The Replacements, Cheap Trick, Big Star, Thin Lizzy, and Kiss and are evident in their sound. At times, a Semisonic-meets-Foo Fighters association also comes to mind. While The Dead Girls bear traces of esteemed rock-n-roll antecedents, they stand on their own as a band performing inherently catchy songs with confidence.

“Deceptive Eyes” is a track that epitomizes how this quartet conveys their strengths. A light touch on guitar and percussion supports earnest vocals as Hawk lays out his case. When the guitar solo kicks in, it’s an emphatic declaration that enhances the delicate nature of the song without overpowering it. “I’m in Love with a Girl” shows that same patience and attentiveness, allowing the airy vocals to glide upward on thermal winds as a sole guitar strums gently.

Over the course of six tracks, the band exhibits the full range possible with a power pop sound. Fully capable of conking listeners over the head with muscular rock, The Dead Girls wisely flex bass, guitar, and drums in a fashion that’s impressive without being obnoxious. Their songs are lean, vibrant, and catchy in a way that won’t wear out after a dozen listens. For a bunch of Dead Girls, these guys are actually quite spry.

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