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The Hair Trigger EP

The Hair Trigger EP

The Dead Girls
The Hair Trigger

The best and possibly the worst attribute of a pop song is that catchy, predictable hook that stays in your head. Throw in some ear-bending guitar riffs and steady rhythms and you have The Hair Trigger, a new EP from Lawrence band The Dead Girls, previously known as Dead Girls Ruin Everything.

With each falsetto vocal and syncopated beat, The Dead Girls convey a level of proficiency and sincerity that the national pop scene lacks. The band’s experience shines through each of the album’s six tracks. The dueling guitars and harmonizing vocals of Podstar veterans JoJo Longbottom and Cameron Hawk combine with the rhythmic precision of drummer Eric Melin and bassist Nick Colby, both of the recently reunited Ultimate Fakebook. Each member of this quartet brings serious musical ability mixed with an added bonus of boyish fun.

The EP quickly seeks to impress with its beginning title track, “Hair Trigger.” The song starts as a Zeppelin-esque triplet riff and launches into a high-energy power-pop tune, complete with vocal harmonies and enough time changes to keep any drummer happy. The rest of the album includes a tight combination of upbeat and soft, acoustic songs about love, including a cover of power-pop gurus Big Star.
While the pop-music scene has no shortage of love songs, the band’s talent and sincerity transcends that of other groups in the genre.

The music leans toward honesty without pretension, demonstrating that The Dead Girls aren’t afraid to sound refrain-driven and melodic with a rock ’n’ roll bravado and a masterful sound.

You can pick up the EP at The Dead Girls’ CD-release show Saturday at the Replay Lounge in Lawrence. Fourth of July opens at 10 p.m. Cover is $2.

— michelle o’brien { special to ink }

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