3 Fingers and NO Brains!

finger-0011Hello all of you rockers! JoJo from the Dead Girls here. So tonight is the night, as the great Neil Young said. The night you can see the Dead Girls live at the Replay, celebrating the release of the Hair Trigger EP.

But this won’t be your typical Dead Girls show. Don’t worry, they’ll be plenty of guitar-driven rock songs and vociferous drums, but there will be one thing missing; my index finger. Unfortunately, I am a moron. In my moronical morning state about a week ago, I was making fun of my brother for having joked around with his finger and a hand-held juicer blender the night before. In the middle of my charade, while still wiping the slip from my eyes, the juicer came to life and took the tip of my index finger as its first victim. You can see the photo at the bottom of this post, but I warn you, they are not for the squeamish.

The doctors have assured me that this horrifying accident should not affect my future endeavors with the guitar, however, for the next few shows I will be the 3-fingered bandit. I have been working my ass off to learn how to play all of our tunes with 3 fingers. It is like learning a new instrument because, even on the simplest chords, I am forced to invent a completely new formation in lieu of my broke-down finger.

So the final words…come check out the rock show tonight at the Replay! If you got kids to feed, bring ’em and we will stuff them full of bloody-fingered rock that will surely keep them full until the next time the Dead Girls take the stage. Out of my stupidity comes the will to satisfy you, the fans. I may be slightly disarmed, but I promise to bring the thunder. You just need to make sure it rains…hot rock sauce! See you tonight!

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Sings and plays guitar.
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