The Dead Girls feature in the Pitch

The Dead Girls have some beers

The Dead Girls have some beers

Full text and an mp3 of “Hair Trigger” at Busy schedules partially explain why the Dead Girls haven’t released a new album since the band’s hook-fueled power-pop debut, 2006’s What a Perfect Ending. But the absence of an immediate follow-up disc doesn’t mean the band hasn’t been readying some sugary new gems for mass consumption. In 2009, fans will see not one, not two, but three new releases from the Dead Girls. Hair Trigger, an EP, comes out February 3; Te Quiero, a second EP, hits May 5; and Out of Earshot, a full-length, is being spit-polished for a fall release.

“The last album was us discovering what the hell our sound was,” Longbottom says. “This new one is more cohesive than any album I’ve ever been involved with before.”

The recording process also has wreaked havoc on their release schedule. It’s no surprise that the albums still aren’t ready to go after they had to record in the middle of winter in a room with no heat, after five nearly finished tracks were wiped out by a studio intern, and after a dead hard drive took out another song.

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